Chronic Kitchen 120mg CBD Peanut Butter Cups


120mg of CBD per package

4 x 30mg Cup / package

These are made with 99.9% Isolate CBD Powder with a tiny trace of THC (per cup .02%)


This is perfect for those who are looking for the medical benefits of cannabis without the high! Soft and chewy, these delicious peanut butter cups will have your mouth watering and it will be hard to stop at just one!

While researchers are still investigating the different ways to use CBD in medicine, we know that there have been successful treatments for those with epilepsy. CBD edibles may also be a beneficial supplement to those with milder and first-aid ailments, such as minor injury, headache, or joint pain. CBD edibles are also great for those who are looking for a longer lasting treatment, that you will get with an edible (where affects can last over a couple hours) vs smoking.

CBD, has very low side affects, so many people are adding it to their daily routine as it provides a mellow mood uplift with a sense of positive, alerted energy. With their long-lasting nature, CBD edibles can provide prolonged relief from mild pains and daily stresses. These would be a great option for anyone hoping to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without an over-the-top psychoactive experience

As always edibles affect everyone differently so eating a smaller portion and waiting 1 – 1 1/2 hrs is recommended.

Ingredients: dark chocolate, rolled oats, sugar, peanut butter, CBD butter, brown sugar, milk, cocoa, vanilla, salt


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