God’s Green Crack


From: Green Factory
THC: 22-25% CBD: 0.1%
Lineage: Green Crack, God Bud
Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Energetic
Medical: Depression, Pain, Stress, Fatigue, Lack of Appetite
Side Effects: Dry mouth, Paranoid, Dry eyes, Anxious, Headaches

God’s Green Crack Flavors:

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Green Crack, itself, has been around for ages. It used to be called Green Crush, or Crush. Later, popular artist Snoop Dogg renamed this Sativa Hybrid Green Crack. Green Crack has a classically indica bud structure, with dense buds that are more small and clustered than chunky. The leaves are pale green to yellow, although the pigments in some phenotypes can cause some leaves to be streaked with purple when plants are exposed to cold during the growing process. Rust-colored pistils stand out against the colorful flowers. The buds are also coated in milky-white trichomes, giving them a sticky texture and a glistening appearance. Providing the best of what sativa varieties have to offer, it’s a great strain for enhancing your appreciation of your surroundings or simply as a way to help you get up and go.

Flavor/ Aroma:
The spicy and pungent odor of God’s Green Crack is unmistakable, as well as the earthy undertone with a blend of grape. For most cannabis users, its fragrance is one that smells refreshingly good. So, we know God’s Green Crack smells good. The good news is that its fragrance carries over to its taste. As a bonus, the added herbal undertone sort of enhances the flavor and makes it taste exotic. In other words, if it smells good, then it tastes better.

God’s Green Crack Type of High:
God’s Green Crack delivers a gentle mental high, while remaining potent. A few minutes after using this strain, cannabis connoisseurs start to feel its effects creeping to the head. At that moment, any negative feelings start to fade away. In its place, an overall sense of happiness uplifts the mood. It continues to intensify so that not only does the smoker feel happier, but even better is the surge of energy. As intended by the breeder, the Indica genes in the strain also start to weave its magic. By balancing the effects of the cerebral high with a physical body high, consumers of God’s Green Crack end up feeling relaxed for hours.

If a reasonably healthy person feels good after using God’s Green Crack, then it must feel heavenly if it provides relief for those in pain. It is for that reason that there are more countries and states that are considering legalization of marijuana use. People with chronic pains or ones that are caused by other illnesses would find using God’s Green Crack useful in pain alleviation. Another popular use of this hybrid among the medical cannabis community is as an aid in managing depression and stress.

Side Effects:
The most common negative reaction to using cannabis is dry mouth and eyes. For that reason, anyone using this strain and others should always keep hydrated. God’s Green Crack is also known to have caused some people to feel paranoid or anxious. If that is the case, then this strain should be avoided.

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