Larry OG


From: Green Factory
THC: 24-25% CBD: 0.5%
Lineage: OG Kush, SFV OG
Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Focused
Medical: Pain, Stress, Depression, Inflammation, Muscle spasms
Side Effects: Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Paranoid, Anxious, Headache

Larry OG Flavors: 

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The cannabis strain Larry OG is a well-balanced hybrid that’s also known as Lemon Larry. This cross between popular strains OG Kush and SFV OG boasts intense and long-lasting effects. The Larry OG nugs are visually appealing. With a minty green texture covered with an abundance of trichomes and orange-brown hair, the dense nugs seem to retain the right proportions of moisture, thus is lucrative to marijuana enthusiasts.

Larry OG Kush has won The High Times Medical Cup award three years in a row from 2012–2014.

Flavor/ Aroma:
The flavor is full of lemon and pine. It is sometimes called Lemon Larry due to the strong levels of limonene which is the terpenoid known to bequeath a strong lemon flavor. You can also smell the Hindu Kush mountains and the crisp air full of nature, earth, and sun in this mystical region.

Larry OG Type of High:
The effect of the hits doesn’t take much time to settle in. The Larry OG completely relaxes the body and makes you feel productive, happy and euphoric. As a result, it alleviates stress almost instantly and is a good companion for those suffering from depression. In fact, many users have reported that they feel stimulated and relaxed at the same time while high on this strain. It can also help you increase your focus.

Larry OG provides powerful pain relief without completely debilitating the consumer. For this reason, it’s a popular choice for daytime medicine in the medical marijuana community. This cannabis strain is also said to stimulate appetite, and its mood-boosting properties can help those with stress and anxiety.

Side Effects:
You might experience dry mouth and dry eyes while the buzz is on.

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