Purple Candy


From: Green Day Cannabis
THC: 17-21%
Lineage: BC Sweet Tooth, Mendocino Purps
Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy, Hungry, Happy
Medical: Insomnia, Nausea, Stress, Pain, Depression
Side Effects: Paranoid, Dry mouth, Headache, Anxious, Dry eyes

Purple Candy Flavors:

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Purple Candy, the British Columbian cannabis strain that is commonly thought to be a cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps. This strain is an indulgent indica-dominant hybrid with eye-catching flowers and a deeply therapeutic body high. Its sweet candy flavor is a delight for both the recreational and medical cannabis users. Purple Candy’s frosty buds will leave your hands sticky, much like normal candy, but instead of a sugar rush it will provide some happy sativa effects.

Flavor/ Aroma:
If you are a fan of sweet fruity fragrances, then this strain should be one of the best smelling cannabis you could ever come across. The pungent sweet smell with a blend of grape is simply a delight. This strain produces keefy buds that are usually dark green, purple and covered in orange hairs. These flowers smell sweet and earthy with undertones of honey and grapes.

Purple Candy Type of High:
At the onset, users start feeling the mellow cerebral high that almost immediately uplifts one’s spirit. As the physical high starts to creep in, the good feeling intensifies to happiness, and some people might even feel euphoric. Rather than getting all hyped up, you tend to chill. The overwhelming body calm results in users feeling sleepy. This is a great benefit to anyone who has insomnia.

Purple Candy Kush is often used medically to relieve aches, pains, headaches, and migraines. Its pain relief is so effective that it has become one of the most popular strains of cannabis, quickly spreading across Canada and other countries. It is also particularly good at fighting anxiety and depression. In some cases, it is used to treat anxiety directly. The completeness of the body relaxation is sure to induce drowsiness and often, consumers end up sleeping. This is a great benefit to anyone who has insomnia.

Side Effects:
Purple Candy might make consumers mouth and eyes feel dry. Other than that, this is a potent strain that could also make one feel dizzy, especially those who are beginners or those who simply have low tolerance levels.

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